Lane Caputo
Calgary & Vancouver

Our Approach

Our Approach

Working as a trusted advisor to both the Board and management, we employ a top-down approach to our projects, considering our client’s business strategy and industry realities before advising on executive compensation and overall compensation governance initiatives. 

While providing advice:

  • we leverage deep knowledge of your industry and your company’s business strategy;
  • we educate both management and the Board on compensation governance issues as they apply to your industry and your company’s stage of development — versus the one-size-fits-all approach of many third-party proxy advisors;
  • we develop executive pay programs that are well understood by participants, motivating to senior management, and supported by investors.

In our experience, there can be a disconnect between the decisions made at the Board level and the implementation of these philosophies and programs throughout the company.  Most commonly, the disconnect happens due to a lack of internal resources to lead the implementation of these programs (early-stage, fast-growth companies, resource constrained cyclical commodity companies, etc.). We facilitate the Board’s oversight role by working with various company stakeholders and other service providers to ensure that the decisions made at the boardroom table are implemented throughout the organization.